SMG Highlighted on Twelve TV

BestPrep and The Stock Market Game were highlighted on Channel 12 – Check out the full story below:  

From camper to intern, seeing MBV from every perspective

Do you know what it takes to run a summer camp? That’s exactly what I learned this summer. My name is Kallie Nichols and I will be a sophomore at San Diego State University this year studying Communications. This summer, I was given the opportunity to be the Minnesota Business Venture (MBV) Summer Intern. I attended MBV in 2010 as a participant. At Eden Prairie High School, I was really involved in DECA & Business Professionals of America (BPA), so the idea of a summer business camp really excited me. I came to camp knowing one friend from high school,

Students and Staff Wrap Up the Week at MBV

Students had a great night last night with all their friends! Minute to Win It was super fun and full of laughs. Students showed off their dance moves at the dance in Sexton Hall and had an awesome time with their new friends. This week has been a successful week for everyone here at MBV. Students learned valuable life lessons and met tons of new people. Unfortunately the week has to come to an end and today is the day. Today the students had a short company meeting where many students exchanged information to keep in contact after camp, took

Today is the Day: Business Plan Presentations

Students woke up this morning nervous and excited about presenting their business plans to the venture capitalists. After a short company meeting, students attended a Shareholders Address by Joe Keeley, founder of College Nannies and Tutors. Keeley talked to the students about entrepreneurship and how he started his company in college. Keeley gave advice on not only how to be a small business owner, but to follow your dreams and passions. He said that not everyone has to follow the same path to success. After Keeley’s message, students went back to their company rooms and listened to individual speakers who

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know at MBV

Students learned the importance of networking this morning during their speed networking activity. Students from other schools met each other outside the auditorium and talked about different topics. Some discussion points were the best advice they had ever been given, if they had ever held a leadership role, and if they knew anyone who worked in the business field. The students enjoyed expanding their network and meeting people they would have never met if they had not participated in this camp. After speed networking students headed back into the auditorium to hear a Shareholders Address by Jared Rendell from Thrivent

Mock Interviews and Company Meetings Teach Students Real Life Lessons

Students gathered inside the Great Hall on this overcast Tuesday morning for their mock interviews. All throughout the hall were chairs set up for curious interviewers and nervous interviewees. Students dressed up in suits, ties, skirts, and dresses to impress their interviewer. Students described their attributes to the interviewers that would make them most attractive for the job they applied for. The mock interviews are a great opportunity for students to learn about the interview process and gain an edge for their future in the workplace. These interviews not only help students to know what to expect when applying for

Kicking off MBV at St. John’s University!

The students powered through arrival day in the chilly 50 degree weather on Sunday afternoon to kick off the week at St. John’s University. They were greeted warmly by CEOs, Resident Business Leaders (RBLs), and the rest of the MBV staff outside St. Mary’s hall. After the hectic process of moving in to the dorms and saying goodbye to their parents, the students were motivated by Daniel Shannon. Shannon gave advice on how to be a visionary and achieve not only your goals, but reach your visions. Not only did students hear an inspirational speech by Shannon, they learned about

Final Reflections on MBV

It’s all over— MBV SCSU 2013 has officially come to an end. The campers are all in their dorms packing up and preparing for the long ride home. The mood on campus one of remembrance and joy, though tinged with sadness. The campers have all become close friends, and they will leave MBV with fond memories of each other and fond memories of all of the wonderful activities MBV provides, such as the team building Corporate Olympics, breakout sessions, keynote speakers, mock interviews, and the business plan. These activities have given the campers a great foundation to build on for