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Celebrating Over 40 Years of Partnership with the Donaldson Company

BestPrep is proud to announce that Donaldson Company is this month’s Featured Partner! For more than 40 years, Donaldson Company has been a key partner, providing financial and volunteer support. The company is passionate about engaging their employees with the community. BestPrep has been fortunate to have hundreds of Donaldson’s employees volunteer including senior level […]

Interview with MBV Student Divya Godithi

BestPrep’s Communications and Events Intern, Neha Kappagantula, spoke with Wayzata High School senior, Divya Godithi, who participated in BestPrep’s summer business camp, Minnesota Business Venture (MBV). As a first year MBV attendee, Divya enjoyed her experience at MBV and would recommend this program to all students, even those not interested in business. Divya provided insight into […]

Celebrating more than 45 years with Wells Fargo

BestPrep is proud to announce that this month’s Featured Partner is Wells Fargo who is one of our oldest partners providing ongoing financial support and volunteers since 1977. Wells Fargo’s focus on financial literacy particularly for underrepresented communities has been instrumental in accomplishing BestPrep’s mission to better prepare students for the future. Wells Fargo has […]

Annual Luncheon 2022 Recap

The Annual Luncheon event on May 9th, 2022, at The Depot Minneapolis was a remarkable success! Every year, BestPrep celebrates and honors the incredible work of our students, teachers, and volunteers with the Annual Luncheon. For more than 45 years, BestPrep has been the linchpin pulling everyone together to ensure that students have a successful […]

Educational Forum 2022 Recap

The Educational Forum on February 28th at the U.S Bank Stadium was a great success. 1,300 guests attended BestPrep’s 45th anniversary special event. Our keynote speaker, Emmanuel Acho, was the highlight of our 2022 Educational Forum. He brought his Emmy-award-winning web series and book Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man to the BestPrep Educational Forum. Emmanuel […]

Minnesota Business Venture, Session 2: Day 4 Empowerment Day, Sponsored by the Allstate Foundation

MBV’s concluding theme is Empowerment Day. Thank you to the Allstate Foundation for sponsoring the final day of camp. The Allstate Foundation works to empower all people to imagine — and achieve — better for themselves and their community. We can’t imagine a better sponsor of our Empowerment Day.   Throughout the week, students dared […]

Minnesota Business Venture, Session 2: Day 3 Career Day, Sponsored by St. John’s University, Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship

Career Day is a day full of actionable takeaways that give the students the tools they need to develop their leadership, presentation skills, and career preparedness. Thank you to St. John’s University, Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship for sponsoring this impactful day. Given the unprecedented nature of the pandemic, the business world has seen radical […]

Minnesota Business Venture, Session 2: Day 2 Financial Freedom Day, Sponsored by Wells Fargo

Financial Freedom Day brought tons of important messages about living a meaningful life, reflecting on your values, and of course, how to manage money.   The day started off with a powerful keynote speech delivered by Justin Halverson, Partner at Great Waters Financial. Justin grew up in Arcadia, WI and attended the University of Minnesota’s […]