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Minnesota Business Venture, Session 2: Day 1 Dare to Dream Day, Sponsored by Arby’s

Another session of MBV means another opportunity for campers to broaden their horizons, develop their teamwork skills, and learn from the experience of business leaders. Dare to Dream Day was sponsored by the Arby’s Foundation. Thank you Arby’s for making camp a possibility this year! Following our kick off led by Janae, students heard from […]

Catching up with Noor Naseer, MBV Student Leader

BestPrep’s Communications and Events Intern, Keagan Eng, spoke with Noor Naseer, an incoming Minnesota Business Venture (MBV) student leader for the summer 2021 program. She currently attends The Blake School in Minneapolis and works as the Co-Editor-in-Chief for the high school’s newspaper. Noor attended MBV last summer and is looking forward to volunteering as a student leader, or CEO, this summer to guide a group of students, or “companies,” through the program. Noor provided insight into her […]

From MBV to the Event Industry: An Interview with Caitlin Pinick

BestPrep’s Communications and Events Intern, Keagan Eng, had the chance to hear from Minnesota Business Venture (MBV) alum, Caitlin Pinick, about how MBV has taken her to a dream job in Partnership & Sponsorship Operations for Welcome America, Inc. Caitlin shared her journey from attending MBV as a student to her current leadership role in the event industry.  Caitlin attended MBV in 2009, after her mom discovered the program through a […]

Catching up with MBV alum Grace Schillewaert

BestPrep’s Communications and Events Intern and past Minnesota Business Venture (MBV) student, Keagan Eng, had the opportunity to speak with Grace Schillewaert, another MBV alum and co-founder of the Monticello Education Connection. Grace shared how her experience at MBV helped shape both her college and career aspirations.  Grace attended MBV as a camper in 2016, after reading about the program on a poster hanging in […]

eMBV 2020 Session 2 Day 3: Making Moves Day, Sponsored by the Allstate Foundation

Day 3 was opened by the greatest program manager, Janae, and our theme was “Making Moves,” sponsored by the Allstate Foundation. Our first keynote speaker was Rob Goggins, the CEO of Great Clips. A little background on Great Clips:  It was established in 1983 and today has over 1,200 franchisees, $1.6B in sales last year, […]

eMBV 2020 Session 2 Day 2: Financial Keys Day, Sponsored by the Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship

Day 2 of eMBV is themed, “Financial Keys” and it was sponsored by the Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship, so of course, we want to give a big thanks to them! The Director of the Center, Margrette Newhouse, had a very nice welcoming message for the students.  After the kick-off hosted by Janae, we had a very motivational keynote […]

eMBV 2020 Session 2 Day 1: Dare to Dream Day, Sponsored by Arby’s

It was a very exciting day for us as we started day one. Today, the theme was “Dare to Dream, sponsored by Arby’s.  We started the day off with Program Manager Janae Olinger’s welcome to eMBV and then we had the opportunity to hear from our keynote speaker, John Thomas, former NBA player, and the Vice […]

eMBV 2020 Session 1 Day 3: Making Moves Day, Sponsored by The Allstate Foundation

We wrapped up the third and final day of virtual Minnesota Business Venture (eMBV) today! Students started off the morning with a keynote address from Roz Tsai, the Vice President of Talent, Learning, and Org Effectiveness at Thrivent. Tsai inspired students as she spoke about her journey of developing and emerging as a leader. She […]