SCSU 2018: Day 5 – Game Day

Campers woke up with jitters knowing that today was the day they had been preparing for all week. However, Jeff Munneke, the Vice President of Fan Experience with the Minnesota Timberwolves was able to calm their nerves by speaking about the importance of building healthy relationships. By saying “be interested rather than interesting,” Jeff stressed the importance of being selfless in personal and professional relationships. Jeff urged students to be aware of first impressions by sharing a story about his son, who once bought a ticket to Portland to be in person for what was originally set up to be over

SCSU 2018: Day 4 – Operation Preparation

Students woke up this morning, not to hear the weather, but from former KARE11 meteorologist Jerrid Sebesta who now works for Taatjes Financial Group. He shared his experiences and his financial values. He explained that you can either live a safe life by following the norms or you can live a little on the edge and pursue your dreams. By asking questions such as “what do you want” and “what is your purpose,” Jerrid stressed how important it is for students to know their calling, mission, and purpose because all of these things make up their identity. He then shared these

SCSU 2018: Day 3 – Practice (Interviews) Makes Perfect

Today marked the third day for students at camp. After breakfast and a quick company meeting, the students and staff listened to Michael Keller’s speech on “Your Personal Brand.” Michael Keller is the CEO & President of Pearson Candy Company and former CMO of Dairy Queen, and knows quit a bit about branding. He described six “brand touch points” as the different ways that customers come in contact with a product. He urged the students to remember these different points while marketing for their business plan this week. Michael stressed how important it is to carefully craft the brand of

SCSU 2018: Day Two – We’re Jammin’!

Day two began (as good days do) with an awesome breakfast in Garvey Commons. Tired students and staff came to life as they drank coffee and conversed with those around them. After a quick overview of the day with their companies, students went to hear a shareholder address from entrepreneur Joe Keeley in Ritsche Auditorium. Joe Keeley is the founder and general manager of College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors, based out of Minneapolis. He spoke about entrepreneurship and how his company went from a small business he founded while in college to an international organization, currently serving children and parents

SCSU 2018: Day One – Welcome to Camp!

As the sun rose over St. Cloud State University, the students and staff of Minnesota Business Venture began preparing for the incoming 143 students from all over Minnesota. When students arrived they were greeted by enthusiastic CEOs (returning students) and BestPrep staff.     After checking in students received a name tag, a binder, a camp T-Shirt, and a pre-packaged goody bag. They were sent inside Case-Hill Hall where they were given time to settle into their rooms. Apprehensive but excited, students began to file into Garvey Commons for lunch. Seeing as many students arrived alone, lunch was also a

Student Feature: Mill City Made

Matt Hodges attended Minnesota Business Venture as a rising senior at Chanhassen High School hoping to explore his interest in business during the summer of 2015. His one week at MBV led him down the business path and helped him eventually create his own business during his freshman year at Iowa State University. Mill City Made was founded in January 2017 right out of Matt’s dorm room. After seeing many of his peers wearing state pride apparel at college, he had the idea of creating a hat representing state pride. His business carries a variety of Minnesota-themed hats and visors

Educator Excels with BestPrep Programs

Debbie Drommerhausen has been an educator in Stillwater Area Public Schools since 1973. A teacher of Marketing, she began complementing her curriculum with BestPrep programs in 2005 at Stillwater Area High School. Debbie has utilized the Classroom Plus program, bringing business professionals to speak with her students, as well as the Financial Matters program, which helps students gain essential money management skills. Debbie also introduced The Stock Market Game (SMG) to her students in 2009 to give them a hands-on learning experience in business and financial literacy. Though Debbie’s history with BestPrep is impressive in multiple capacities, she is perhaps

The Impact of Mentoring

Laura Scanlon, Program Associate at BestPrep and educator with 30+ years of experience, talks about the unique impact of online mentoring programs, and the difference you may not know you’re making . . . Q: What made you choose eMentors for your classroom? A: I started doing eMentors 13 years ago. I was designing a curriculum for a 9th grade business class, and I wanted something more; an outside experience. The program met so many of our class goals: lots of writing, real-world experience, and career exploration. Q: What would tell an educator considering doing a program like eMentors or

Thank You, Mentors!

Renae Carlson, Program Associate at BestPrep and former educator with 30 years of experience in Minnesota schools, discusses the benefits of mentoring for students, and what makes a great mentor (hint: it’s easier than you think) . . . Q: Have you ever had a mentor, and how have they helped you? A: I’ve had numerous mentors throughout my life. Mentors help you decide if you like something [as a career]. More than that, mentors show you a bigger realm of what is available to you. Q: As an educator, how have you seen programs like eMentors and Cloud Coach