Minnesota Business Venture Registration


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Minnesota Business Venture (MBV) provides students a taste of new skills, careers, and opportunities before they graduate in order to prepare them for whatever their future holds.

If you know students dreaming of starting their own business, searching for career direction, heading for college, or just eager to enter the workforce, MBV will give them a big head start! MBV is an opportunity for engaged students to meet and work with business professionals and peers who are eager to jumpstart their futures.

Benefits to Students Attending MBV:

Entrepreneurship experience
Interactive learning sessions
Knowledgeable speakers
Presentation skills
Communication skills
Resume and reference building
Financial literacy
Understanding budgeting
Career information
College preparation
Networking skills

Who goes to Minnesota Business Venture (MBV)?
MBV is open to all Minnesota high school students completing grades 9-12. MBV is perfect for students dreaming of starting their own business, searching for career direction, heading to college or just eager to network with other students who share similar interests. The world revolves around business; here is a chance to learn more from talented business people who want to see students succeed!

Why should I attend MBV?

  • Learn how to plan for a successful future – develop a career focus, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills
  • Gain experience that can be used when applying for college or jobs – make valuable resume contacts with members of our state’s business community
  • Improve financial literacy skills – learn more about investing, money management and how to save
  • Experience living on a college campus for a week and meet students from all over Minnesota

How much does MBV cost?
The early-bird cost for MBV is $150 (April 15 deadline). After that, the cost is $200. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. Cost is kept low thanks to BestPrep’s generous sponsors (businesses, foundations, associations and individuals) who award a sponsorship of $1,000 for camp expenses to every student accepted to MBV.

How do I apply and is there a selection process?
Applications are selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. The application is available as a web form or paper.  Complete the application and submit it to BestPrep with the application fee. To apply online, click the orange “Register Here” button on the right side of this page.

How many students attend? What schools do they come from?
During each session there will be about 200 students participating; space is limited. Students attending public, private, charter or homeschools in Minnesota are welcome to attend. Each summer over 100 high schools are represented. There is a good mix of students from the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. A recap of MBV 2017 including a list of schools can be viewed on Minnesota Business Venture Program homepage.

What do we do for the week at MBV?

Once students arrive on campus they are assigned to a “company,” which is a group of 10-14 students. The company is led by a CEO (returning MBV student) and a Resident Business Leader (an employee of a corporation such as Allianz Life, Ecolab, Medtronic, Thrivent Financial, etc.). As a company, students work together to create a business plan for a fictitious product, while also participating in engaging activities and listening to a variety of speakers. All sessions are taught by professionals in the business world. Topics include: Marketing, Personal Budgeting, Ethics, Philanthropy, College Admissions & Financial Aid, Entrepreneurial Success Stories and more from Minnesota-based businesses. Activities are geared to give students the information they need to succeed!

How do I get to MBV?
Students can drive themselves, get dropped off, or if students live in the Metro area, there is limited complimentary bus transportation from the Twin Cities for those in need of a ride to MBV. Students must sign up for this in May.

What do I need to bring with me to MBV?
Students will need to bring basic essentials (clothes, toiletries, etc.) for the week. Linens and pillows are supplied to participants. A recommended packing list will be sent in June.

Where do we sleep? Can we room with friends?
Students stay with a roommate in the dorms/residence halls on the college campus. Males and females are on separate floors and there is a floor supervisor. If a student attends MBV with a friend, they can room together, or we’ll match students up with someone else attending MBV. Just like going to college!