Day 2: Minnesota Business Venture- Financial Freedom Day, Sponsored By Well’s Fargo


Day 2 of Minnesota Business Venture did not disappoint! This morning, Janae and Khadra welcomed keynote speaker Sophia Bera, a financial planner and the founder of Gen Y Planning. Bera spoke to students about the importance of money and values, and how this shapes financial planning. She gave students advice on how to act successfully with their finances. 


Money is an important aspect in everyone’s life, yet not everyone is taught how to manage it. Today’s breakout sessions were all about financial skills. Breakouts included Budgeting Matters, Credit Is More Than A Card, Paying For College, and Privacy On Money Apps. Students learned some great information regarding financial literacy, and had the opportunity to ask breakout speakers any questions they had after each session. Students received some great insight from these speakers, which will be useful in their current and future financial situations.

After breakout sessions, campers heard from MBV’s next keynote speaker, Jim Scott, founder and managing partner of MONO. He shared the story on how his business was invented, reinvented, and how it became a popular brand in stores everywhere. Through unique and boundless ideas, Scott and his partners paved the way for this small business and created something big. 

Once our keynote speaker wrapped up, Khadra took some time to give some camper shout-outs to students doing some great things during camp! Khadra followed with the Oreo challenge activity, where students attempt to get an Oreo from their forehead to their mouth (without using their hands). This is a camp classic that staff and students look forward to each summer!

Next, campers heard from David Clark, president and CEO of Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) a joint between Nestle and General Mills. Clark took some time to speak with students about his work with business innovation and company growth. Clark is a former BestPrep board member, and it was great to have him back to converse with students. 


Campers finished up the day with a Q&A in personal finance. Our professional financers included Anne Senftner, Brandon Bellin, John Schweers, Katherine Bowles, Kevin Anderson, Melissa Soldberg, Noah Fuhrman, Rohinie Singh, and Sam Markell. Students got to ask any questions they had regarding budgets, saving, credit, and anything else money related. 

That’s a wrap for Day 2 of Minnesota Business Venture! We’re looking forward to seeing campers tomorrow morning, and making the most of this great opportunity.