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Minnesota Business Venture (MBV) is a virtual three-day business and career development summer camp. MBV brings together high school students from across Minnesota to work with business leaders and learn about leadership, business, financial literacy, and career options. Students will work in teams or “companies” to create and present a business plan. They will be guided through the camp’s activities by volunteers including Resident Business Leaders, speakers, mock interviewers, and more. Minnesota Business Venture will take place on a college campus.

MBV is seeking enthusiastic volunteers to work with students and enhance their experience and knowledge at camp. Opportunities and time commitments range from an hour to a full week and focus on career development, business skills, financial management, and entrepreneurship. Volunteer opportunities include Mock Interviewers, Business Plan Judges, Resident Business Leaders, session speakers, and more. Over 150 volunteers are needed to make MBV a success.

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Mock interviewer

As a Mock Interviewer, you will sit down with a student and conduct a brief interview, followed by feedback to help them improve. Numerous interviews will be conducted over the 60-minute period. Volunteers will be briefed and provided with sample questions and tech support.

Business plan judge

Throughout the week at MBV, students will work in groups called “companies” to create a business plan for a hypothetical product of their own design. Each group will present their marketing, operations, and financial plan at the end of their session to a panel of volunteer Business Plan Judges who will provide written feedback to the students. Participating as a judge is an excellent opportunity for you to see what students learn at MBV.

MBV’s Resident Business Leaders (RBLs) mentor the students and guide them through the camp’s activities. RBLs are available during company meeting times and ideally are able to participate in the speakers and breakout sessions as well.

Members of the business community are needed to lead and facilitate a group of 10 students for the full week. Responsibilities include leading the small group, sharing ideas and resources with the students, and listening to speakers discuss business topics such as marketing, finance, motivation, branding, and money management.

This also serves as an opportunity for RBLs to learn about their own leadership, management, and team-building skills. The number one thing new RBLs wish they would have known before camp is how much fun MBV is!

Volunteering with MBV is a fun, enriching, and challenging way to give back to Minnesota youth. As a professional, you will learn how to improve your leadership, team-building, networking, mentoring, and virtual communications skills. On a personal level, spending time at MBV will allow you to share your knowledge and experience with the next generation and see the impact your efforts have on students. By volunteering with MBV, you will help Minnesota students gain a valuable summer experience that will help them become better prepared for their futures.

Contact us if you are interested in volunteering or asking your employees to volunteer with the Minnesota Business Venture program!

Are you a Minnesota Business Venture alumni looking for a volunteer opportunity? Consider giving back to your community by volunteering at eMBV! For over 35 years, we have had more than 9,000 high school students participate in Minnesota Business Venture. We at BestPrep (previously known as Business Economics Education Foundation – BEEF) would love to work with you! There are many opportunities to participate and volunteer with eMBV, including Resident Business Leaders, speakers, or mock interviewers. Contact us to get started!

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