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The Technology Integration Workshop (TIW) is a unique summer staff development for educators of all grade levels and all subject areas. Attendees will experience breakout sessions featuring emerging technologies, update a unit plan, and experience a job shadow. 

The TIW is a unique experience for volunteers and teachers alike. Volunteers can either provide a job shadow to an educator as a Business Partner or serve as a session presenter during the workshop. The job shadow experience provides an opportunity for people in business and those in education to learn about each other’s environments and the expectations of employees in both. During the job shadow, volunteers highlight their workplace and talk about the projects, products, and services provided. Business Partners also help educators learn about the key skills employers are looking for in new employees and discuss how those skills can be taught in school to all ages. It’s a great chance to collaborate in preparing the next generation.

2020 TIW Dates: July 27-30, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis

Business Partners showcase their company by turning their workplace into a “high-performance classroom,” and partner with an attending educator for a job shadow. As a Business Partner, you will provide an informative half-day job shadow at your worksite. Volunteers will help educators gain insight into the careers and workplace skills employees are looking for when hiring. They’ll help their educator see and witness the environment where their students may someday work. You will familiarize teachers with today’s workplace helping them to draw parallels from their class to your business. Volunteers will improve your leadership, interpersonal skills, and communication with the educational sector. Volunteers must be available for a welcome lunch and a job shadow held the following afternoon.

Business Partner Schedule:

  • Lunch on Monday, July 27 at the University of St. Thomas – Minneapolis Campus
  • Job Shadow on Tuesday, July 28, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Innovators from the education and technology fields share their knowhow and/or workplace experience with educators through large group presentations and breakout sessions. Attendees use the information learned to develop relevant curriculum that connects with real-world applications, while effectively integrating technology into their classroom teaching.

“My job shadow experience was a great highlight of the week. As a lifelong educator who has never had a career outside of teaching, this was a great opportunity for me as a teacher to go see what the corporate work environment is like and to hear firsthand from folks about what skills are needed and to see what a typical day is like for someone. It's one thing to read and hear about it, but it's another thing to experience it. My experience with the site visit will stay with me and I can definitely bring that into the classroom to share with my students.”

May Lee Xiong, Jackson Elementary School, St. Paul

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