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Financial Matters equips Minnesota students with the tools necessary to develop sound money management skills. Through interactive presentations, industry professionals help students become more financially literate. Available to teachers of grades 6-12, the program brings volunteers into the classroom to educate students on a variety of real-life financial topics from credit and budgeting to buying a car and insurance.

As a professional in the financial field, you can volunteer to give presentations on financial topics to a classroom of students. Share your knowledge and life experience to educate young people in our community on money management skills. By engaging with these students, you are giving back to your community and helping these students grow into responsible adults. Learn more or register to become a volunteer below.

“One wouldn’t expect that talking to high schoolers about taxes would be a fun way to spend an hour. The students in my class were engaged, asked thoughtful questions and wanted to learn more. Financial Matters is an awesome way to pass on sound real-life skills early!”

Jeanna Fifer, Financial Matters Volunteer, Cahill Financial Advisors

Speaker Topics

  • Banking Services: checking/savings accounts
  • Budgeting Matters: needs vs. wants, benefits of budgeting, opportunity cost
  • Buying a Car: financing your car, considerations to make when buying
  • Car Insurance Matters: teaching teens to save money through safe driving
  • Credit Matters: credit scores, types of credit, use of credit
  • Housing Matters: renting vs. owning, determining housing based on your lifestyle
  • Income Tax Matters: federal and state income tax, tax rates, filing a return, the W-4 form
  • Investing Matters: diversification, investing strategies, types of investments
  • Middle School Matters: introduces basic budgeting concepts and financial decision geared towards sixth through eighth grade students
  • Money Matters: spending, saving, sharing, personal values relating to money
  • Tax Matters: purpose of tax, sales tax, property tax, income tax

Will I get a chance to talk with the teacher before the event?

Yes, we ask that teachers contact volunteers at least a week before they are scheduled to present to share additional details and answer any questions you have. If your presentation is approaching and you have not heard from the teacher, feel free to reach out yourself or let us know.

Are there presentation materials prepared or do I have to prepare them?

Most of the commonly requested presentation topics have materials already created. You are always welcome to make any changes to the materials or use your own if you would prefer.

What if I can’t commit to every request?

We do not expect volunteers will be available for every opportunity we send them. We only ask that you respond within 2 business days so we know to ask another volunteer if you are not available.

What should I do if a teacher reaches out to me directly?

Please either refer the teacher back to BestPrep or let us know that you’re speaking with this class. We want to be sure we have accurate impact numbers.

Will I get feedback from the teacher on my presentation?

We receive surveys after each engagement and will occasionally share some feedback with you. If you would like more feedback feel free to ask us and we can share more with you. Or you can always ask the educator for feedback on your presentation.

What if my contact information or volunteer preferences change?

If any of your information or preferences change, just let us know and we can update it for you. We also send out an email to all active volunteers twice a year with their current preferences and a link to make updates so you will have opportunities to update the information yourself as well.

2023 Impact Numbers

The Financial Matters program makes an impact annually on the students in the program.




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