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BestPrep volunteering is an easy and meaningful way to give back to the community. By partnering with educators, you are able to make a huge impact in the lives of students by providing practical educational experiences.

Classroom Plus Make a classroom presentation, serve as a mock interviewer, or host a tour of your workplace to give students first-hand exposure to important business and career skills.

Cloud Coach Strengthen student motivation to succeed in school and beyond by engaging in a research-driven dialogue with students intended to help them make a plan for the future and begin implementing it now.  This program serves an entire class of 9th graders at a given school.

eMentors Increase academic motivation and provide career awareness by mentoring students via email, helping them connect classroom learning to the business world while improving their professional communication.

Financial Matters Prepare students to become financially capable adults by giving a classroom presentation on important financial literacy topics including credit, budgeting, investing, and money.

Minnesota Business Venture Share your work experience with students while improving your own management and leadership skills. Serve as a mock interviewer, business plan judge or financial planner, or spend the week with students as a Resident Business Leader.

Stock Market Game Volunteers work with students participating in The Stock Market Game in a variety of ways ranging from classroom advisors to teaching educators about the market.

Technology Integration Workshop Help educators better understand the career skills needed to be successful in today’s workplace by hosting a Workshop participate for a half-day job shadow