Celebrating more than 45 years with Wells Fargo

BestPrep is proud to announce that this month’s Featured Partner is Wells Fargo who is one of our oldest partners providing ongoing financial support and volunteers since 1977. Wells Fargo’s focus on financial literacy particularly for underrepresented communities has been instrumental in accomplishing BestPrep’s mission to better prepare students for the future.

Wells Fargo has been one of BestPrep’s leading partners in creating new programs as well as piloting eMentors, the Technology Integration Workshop, and Cloud Coach. Through financial contributions, employee board members, and volunteer connections, our organizations have jointly helped to positively influence business, career, and financial literacy skills for many students. Bob Kaitz, CEO of BestPrep, stated “As one who has worked with Wells Fargo for more than 45 years, I have seen their tremendous commitment to the community and the positive impact they have made.”

In addition to strong volunteerism for BestPrep programs, the company has benefited from leadership and guidance from executives such as Jim Campbell and Carolyn Roby. According to BestPrep board member Mike Lebens, Senior Vice President and Division Portfolio Executive from Wells Fargo, BestPrep’s long-standing relationship has allowed our company to make a profound impact on thousands of students particularly those most in need. “Wells Fargo and BestPrep have connected hundreds of employee volunteers with students, covering thousands of volunteer hours across multiple BestPrep programs. Wells Fargo is very proud of our ongoing, 40-year plus partnership with BestPrep,” said Mike.

As BestPrep reflects on our partnership with Wells Fargo, we are reminded of the countless instances of growth made possible through their support. We are grateful for their commitment to education, for giving BestPrep the opportunity to help students gain more financial literacy skills, and the critical role Wells Fargo has played in our organization.

Hats off to Wells Fargo for its continued partnership and dedication to the students and teachers in our community!