SJU 2017: Day Five – Let’s Get Down to Business!

There was a warm breeze this morning while getting ready for the last full day of camp! Everyone was busy eating breakfast and rushing back to their company rooms preparing for their big presentation. The pressure has built up and each camper was working hard finishing up any final touches to enhance their product. But that was not the only thing in store for our campers today! The day began with a keynote speaker, Jeff Munneke, the vice president of Fan Experience and BB Academy for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx. Munneke mentioned to the audience about continuing to build a healthy networking system in your life. He shared, “the power of mentorship is huge” you will never know how much a person can impact your life. Munneke challenged the crowd to double our phone contact list at the end of the year.

Transitioning to the next activity on our schedule was having our campers go back to their company rooms and meet with a guest speaker. Each company had a representative come and present “Paying for My Lifestyle.” The representative discussed our values of spending and saving money to enjoy a healthier life.

After lunch, each company put their hard work, dedication, and teamwork to the test. Everyone presented their business plan to a panel of judges to ask for a loan. Companies had different times and rooms to present their product to our judges. While waiting, campers were reminded to write a thank you letter to our sponsors. If it was not for our sponsors camp would have been more expensive! At the end, majority of the companies earned their loan and celebrated their achievements by congratulating together.

With an outstanding business presentation from our campers, our next session was our last keynote speaker, Daniel Shannon. Shannon’s mentioned his career as a USATF, NCAA athlete, and his philanthropic efforts impacted his vision to improve in his life. He also inspired the audience to envision their future and take action right now!

Minute to Win It was the last activity that was in stored for our campers. This game consisted of mini activities for our campers to show off their talents and cheer on. The activities consisted of the limo, eating a cookie without using your hands, and even a dance competition. Companies were going against each other to see who can accomplish the most challenges and the energy just keeps getting more intense as each camper gets eliminated. The night ends off with rec time, either the choice of an upbeat dance at Sexton Hall or an intense action movie at the Pellegrene Auditorium. It was a marvelous time being at camp and we can’t wait to see what next year will bring to our staff and campers!

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