BestPrep and Allstate Partner for National Don’t Text and Drive Week

BestPrep will partner with Allstate to make teens more aware of the dangers of taking their eyes off the road during National Don’t Text and Drive Week, November 17-23.

Texting while driving increases a teen’s accident risk 23 times. Volunteer Allstate agents from across the metro will spend time in high school classrooms talking with students about the risks of distracted driving – like texting and talking on the phone – as well as the economic impact of driving decisions.

The agents’ Insurance Matters presentation offers a one hour look at distracted driving and insurance. Allstate agents will talk with teens about their experiences and give them the opportunity to ask questions about insurance and safe driving. Teachers can request the free Insurance Matters presentation during National Don’t Text and Drive Week, or any week of the school year through BestPrep’s website.

Allstate Agents across Minnesota will be in classrooms November 17 – 23. If you’re an agent and want to get involved, sign up here.

Everyone can do their part to promote safe driving. Be the example – avoid texting, and talking on the phone while driving.