SJU 2015: Mock Interviews

Mock interviews

The President and CEO of Pearson Candy Company, Michael Keller, spoke to students today about the anatomy of a brand. Not just a company or product brand, but also your personal brand: yourself. Instead of asking what students would want to do, Keller asked, “How would you like to make a difference?”

Operations 101

Company members had the chance to attend a breakout session specifically tailored for their role. Marketing 101, Finance 101, and Operations 101 were all a huge success. Students left feeling more comfortable with their role in the company and their responsibilities.

“Ask for constructive feedback after your mock interview,” MBV Intern (and former Alumni) Caleb told students this morning. Undoubtedly, this was in the back of students’ minds as they participated in their mock interviews today. After the interviews, students felt more comfortable with their interviewing skills.


Entrepreneur extraordinaire (and MBV Alumni) Amanda Ferris graced us with some insight into her experience, including struggles and successes. She encouraged students to “do what others won’t, exceptionally well, with enthusiasm.” By making your own sunshine, you can see problems as opportunities to work for your passion. Not just your paycheck.


Even though the weather has cooled down significantly since the day began, students once again had the opportunity to swim in the pool. It was a great way to cool down after mock interviews.


MBV’s third day at St. John’s was a huge success. Check back later for more updates as the week progresses.

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