Networking, Ethics, Philanthropy and More!

It was another great day at Minnesota Business Venture at Saint John’s University.  After a fun rec time Tuesday night, the students were awake and ready to have a busy day. The day started off with a Shareholders Address by Jared Rendell of Thrivent Financial. Jared talked about how to succeed in personal finance.

It was then onto Speed Networking, an activity that challenges students to meet new people in hopes that it will help a student later in their career. They asked each other questions like, “Share the best advice you’ve ever received?” and “List three words that describe you in a work setting.”


Afterward, it was time to listen about insurance and safe driving. They learned about how expensive insurance is for teenagers and how the cost can double or triple because of a speeding ticket or a car accident.

After lunch, the companies split up and went to listen to speakers about the importance of philanthropy and ethics. The students learned how important philanthropy is to a company no matter how big or small. And they learned about business ethics from a former white collar convict. The speaker engaged the audience and every student was interested.


After a fun dinner that involved a large game of ultimate Frisbee, the companies went back to work on their business plan and prepare for presentations tomorrow. Some companies struggled, but they all made it, and created great presentations that are sure to wow the judges on Thursday.