Classroom Plus Program

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Classroom Plus is the flagship program of BestPrep and is a free service to educators. Classroom Plus connects educators and business professionals to bring business and career skills to students. Bridging the gap between lessons learned in the classroom and skills utilized in the workplace, this hands-on program brings speakers into classrooms and includes mock interviews, career days, and workplace tours.

Classroom Plus helps students connect their classroom learning to real-world applications while exposing them to positive community role models. There are many ways to engage volunteers with your students.

Guest Speaker: Request a volunteer to give a classroom presentation to your students on topics related to business and career skills. Below is a sampling of commonly requested topics. New topics are always welcome.

Careers speakers talk about their career path, education and daily duties:

Human Resources
Information Technology*
Project Management


Additional topics relate to preparation in careers and business:

Business Etiquette
-Workplace communication

-Risk & reward

-Etiquette & attire
-Forming good questions & responses
-Interviewing soft skills

-Leadership traits

-What is networking?
-Why is it important?
-How to network

Personal Branding
-Presenting yourself
-Characteristics of your brand
-Defining your personal brand

-What is philanthropy?
-Importance of giving

Public Speaking
-Presentation Skills
-Verbal/Nonverbal Communication

-Format & creation
-Resume builders
-What employers look for

-Interpersonal communication
-Conflict resolution
-Time management

*These speaking topics include a PowerPoint presentation

Mock Interviews: Practicing interviewing skills is a great opportunity for your students. Business volunteers come to your classroom to give your students the experience of a job interview while providing feedback. Due to high demand, Mock Interviews are limited availability. Please contact for inquiries and information.

Work Place Tours: Local companies open their doors to your class to give them a firsthand look at the workplace.

Career Days: Organized by BestPrep, Career Days bring three to four classrooms of students from different schools to a company to engage in a company overview and small group sessions on various careers. Please note limited space is available each school year. Contact for more information.

The Classroom Plus staff is happy to work with you to meet your unique classroom volunteer requests. If you would like to partner with Classroom Plus on a special project, please contact

Special thanks to the University of Minnesota’s Career Development Network for their work in creating the Interviewing and Resume PowerPoint presentations.