SJU 2016: Preparing For Success

Today’s kickoff speaker, Tyler Olson from SMC Pros, started off the day telling the students about his personal journey as an entrepreneur. He talked about the lifestyle that he lives and what he had to do to get where he is today. He described his journey as being filled with “extreme highs and lows”. When it comes to running your own business you take on a certain amount of risk to make your dream become a reality.



After Tyler Olson’s presentation the students went to their breakout sessions that were tailored towards their group within their companies. These groups being either Marketing, Operations or Finance.

Then after refueling at lunch they got back to work in their company meetings to start working through their business plans.

When it was their turn, the companies then made their way to The Great Hall for their Mock Interviews. Here the students were put into a hypothetical situation where they were interviewing for a job of their choosing. The students got a ton of feedback from their judges and gained skills that they can put to use when they interview for a real job someday. After all, practice makes perfect.


The students then went on to listen to another shareholders address. Nate Dungan gave a presentation called “Share Save Spend”. In his presentation Nate taught the students about the importance and value of money. Nate really interacted with the audience and asked them questions about their money while he walked up and down the aisle to engage the students and make money fun!



The students then went in depth with their business plans during their meeting before and after dinner. After all the hard work the students will end night again with some much needed rec time. As the week progresses the excitement and nervousness about the business plans comes closer and closer. Check in tomorrow to see what the students are up to!

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