Cloud Coach Program

Cloud Coach Description and Goals

BestPrep’s newest program Cloud Coach is an expansion of its successful email mentoring program, eMentors, which launched in 2003.  eMentors, a one-on-one email mentoring experience, is a platform for students to explore careers, identify workplace skills, and improve their professional communication abilities.

Working in tandem with Search Institute, a research organization that specializes in the lives, beliefs, and values of young people, BestPrep has developed a curriculum which builds a powerful, targeted dialogue between students and mentors emphasizing the habits and behavioral skills they need to graduate on time and succeed in their future professions.

Students will:

  1. Develop a relationship with a mentor that emphasizes motivation and effort as success factors
  2. Think forward to identify aspirations and related career interests
  3. Act now to be on track to graduate and achieve further goals