Enhance your curriculum with our free and low-cost, easy-to-use programs.

BestPrep works with schools and teachers to incorporate our programs directly into the classroom to educate students on real-life business, career, and financial literacy skills. BestPrep offers resources to help students develop essential skills that enable them to be successful in work and life. See below for a list of our programs to incorporate into your curriculum.

We are here to help. Utilize our programs and volunteers to help educate your students on real-life skills. As an educator, you can bring the following topics into your class: classroom speakers, virtual mentors, financial literacy, career exploration, mock interviews, and professional development for teachers.

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Classroom Plus

Bridging the gap between lessons learned in the classroom and skills utilized in the workplace, this hands-on program brings free volunteer speakers into classrooms, as well as provides mock interviews and workplace tours.

Cloud Coach

A school’s entire ninth grade class is paired with caring adult mentors from the business community in one-on-one mentorships. This program strengthens students’ motivations to succeed in school and beyond through email mentoring.


High school classes are matched with caring adult mentors from the same company for an 8-week email mentoring relationship in which students explore careers, develop job skills, and gain an introduction to the workplace through a one-time Meet and Greet with their mentor at the company.

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Financial Matters

Through interactive presentations, industry professionals help students become financially literate. Available to teachers in grades 6-12, the program offers a variety of topics that teach real-life lessons in money management.

The Stock Market Game™

Students work in teams to invest $100,000 of virtual money in the stock market while also building a fundamental knowledge of the global economy. Students manage their portfolios and buy and sell securities. They learn about the power and long-term value of investing, as well as the risk associated with it.

Technology Integration Workshop – For Educators

This unique professional development opportunity teachers K-12 educators technology skills and provides time to apply the information to a new unit plan. Attendees participate in a job shadow to learn more about the career skills needed by their students to be successful in the workplace.

For Your Students

Minnesota Business Venture

High school students participate in one-week residential summer camp hosted on a college campus. Students hear from prominent business speakers and work in teams to develop a business plan for a startup product of service while developing workplace skills like interviewing, networking, and financial literacy. This program is not incorporated into the classroom, but as teachers, you can tell your students about this educational summer camp.

The Annual Impact

For over 40 years, BestPrep has made a significant impact on the lives of teachers, students and the communities we serve.






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