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Thank you for participating in eMentors! Students who engage with their mentors during this program learn about future career opportunities, how to network with others within a professional setting, improve their written communication skills, and receive advice from a supportive adult. Please use this webpage as a resource throughout the eMentors program.  You will be able to find information on preparing for the program, introducing the program to your students, how to use the online portal, FAQ’s, and much more!

Please read the Educator Handbook by clicking the button below.

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In preparation for the eMentors program to start, there is some information that you will need to share with your BestPrep coordinator:

  1. Ideal start date for the program
  2. Day of the week you would like to send messages
  3. 7 Guiding Questions (AVID, Financial Literacy, STEM)
  4. Virtual Activities (If there is no Meet & Greet)
  5. Student Roster
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Your students will send one message per week to their mentor.  To learn how students will use the online portal to send their messages as well as learn how you can view/track student message, please watch the video to the right and/or read the document below!

Here are some additional resources you can share with your students to guide them as they write their messages to their mentors:

  • How to Save a Google Doc/Slideshow and Attach to the Portal Video
  • Using the Online Portal Video for Students
  • Using the Online Portal Document for Students
  • Message Etiquette Document
  • Message Examples Document

You can also provide your students with the link to the eMentors Student Resources Webpage:

The Meet and Greet is a one-time meeting between students and mentors that takes place at the company.  You and your students will take a bus to the company.  Most Meet and Greets are held over the lunch hour, but variations in the time of day are possible.  Every event includes an overview of the company, time for students and mentor to get to know one another, and lunch or a snack.  Mentors often show students their worksite by providing a tour.  Tours may be organized for groups or led individually.  Meet and Greets may also include other structured activities.  Popular activities include mock interview experiences, resume reviews, or career panels.

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View the document below to read some frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that is not addressed, please reach out to your BestPrep Coordinator!

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