Register to be an Essay Judge for the 2019 Educational Forum

Educational Forum - Student Spotlight Judges


Thank you for volunteering to judge student essays as part of BestPrep's Educational Forum.  
Please complete the below form by April 15, 2019.  
If you have questions, please contact Jenna Gale at or 763-233-6322.

BestPrep will be using SurveyMonkey to score the essays. If your company blocks SurveyMonkey, please enter your personal email address.

1st Round Essay Judge:  All volunteers will be signed up to be 1st round essay judges. Reading and scoring of essays will take place between April 24 and May 8. BestPrep will send each judge up to ten essays to read, to be scored on an online form. Each essay is about 3 pages.

Please click the "Submit" button below and be patient. It may take a few seconds but a confirmation screen will open next.