Financial Matters Program

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Financial Matters, powered by BestPrep and its volunteers, equips students with the tools necessary to develop sound money management skills through industry professionals who help develop and deliver presentations focused on financial literacy, many of which that are accompanied by PowerPoints. From credit to budgeting to buying a car, the program provides real-life lessons in money management.

As an educator, you have the ability to work with Financial Matters volunteers to incorporate real-life lessons into your curriculum. Scheduling a volunteer through Financial Matters is easy and flexible. Whether you need a volunteer for one class period, or for a variety of classes, BestPrep will work directly with you to fulfill your request. Topics commonly requested are listed below. Other suggested topics are always welcome.

Financial Matters Series* – created PowerPoint presentations

  • Budgeting Matters: needs vs. wants, benefits of budgeting, opportunity cost
  • Car Insurance Matters: teaching teens to save money through safe driving
  • Credit Matters: credit scores, types of credit, use of credit
  • Housing Matters: renting vs. owning, determining housing based on your lifestyle
  • Income Tax Matters: federal and state income tax, tax rates, filing a return, the W-4 form
  • Investing Matters: diversification, investing strategies, types of investments
  • Middle School Matters: introduces basic budgeting concepts and financial decision to 6-8 grade students
  • Money Matters: spending, saving, sharing, personal values relating to money
  • Tax Matters: purpose of tax, sales tax, property tax, income tax

Banking Services*
– Checking /Savings Accounts

Buying a Car

– Car, Medical, Home

*A special thanks to the Allstate Foundation, Thrivent Financial, Minnesota Society of CPAs and the Foundation for Financial Planning for their financial support in creation of the Financial Matters series.

View the Allstate Foundation Parent-Teen Driving Agreement.