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eMentors Meet and Greets: A Day in the Life

I’d like to take you through a Meet and Greet from a BestPrep coordinator’s perspective. I’m all set up in the conference room, and mentors start to trickle in. This is the second time I’ve met the mentors, the first was as a trainer leading just another meeting – this time the mentors are giddy […]

eMentors: A Teacher’s View

eMentors would be impossible without the tireless support and advocacy from our teachers. Teachers help shape the program, choosing questions that relate to their classroom curriculum, guiding their students through weekly topics and writing emails, and monitoring dozens or hundreds of emails every week. They facilitate the Meet and Greet by ensuring their students are […]

Story 7 – I Am a Mentor Day

It’s “I Am a Mentor Day,” the day you’re given carte blanche to brag to all your friends that you are making a difference in a student’s life. BestPrep eMentors has a 13 year history, mentoring over 26, 600 students. We asked a couple of our mentors, Gina Picard and Erin Lauterbach from Accenture, to […]

January is National Mentoring Month!

We at BestPrep are proud to work with our volunteers to impact students’ lives through our eMentors Program and celebrate this month with MENTOR (insert link). Mentoring has the ability to benefit young people’s lives in limitless ways. In particular, at risk youth who were mentored were 55% more likely to be enrolled in college […]

How to be a GREAT eMentor!

The eMentors program wouldn’t be a success without the wonderful volunteers who spend time each week to help answer student questions and provide advice. Taking the time to devote some much needed attention to a student can be so impactful. We want to provide mentors a few tips to help make the experience the best […]

eMentors: The Mentor Experience

Mentoring is the chance to “be someone who matters to someone who matters.” Each mentor has the opportunity to create a meaningful relationship with a student where both can learn from one another and grow. Through eMentors, the volunteers have the chance to connect with high school students and share both personal and professional experiences. […]

eMentors: The Value for Teachers and Students

Mentoring in a student’s life can be very motivating and transformational when the mentoring occurs during important times in life and is supported in other areas of the student’s world. eMentors is a classroom-based program that teachers incorporate into their curriculum to enrich learning and provide a real-life, engaging experience for students. Mentor messages are […]

Students Thrive in eMentors Program

The eMentors program is designed to be low-time and high-impact. The evidence is there; it does both! Proof positive is teacher Shannon Bailey’s Hopkins High School’s AVID class. Her AVID class was typical with 32 tenth graders. UnitedHealth Group, longtime partner of the eMentors program, supported the students by serving as their email mentors. Like […]