SCSU 2018: Day 5 – Game Day

Campers woke up with jitters knowing that today was the day they had been preparing for all week. However, Jeff Munneke, the Vice President of Fan Experience with the Minnesota Timberwolves was able to calm their nerves by speaking about the importance of building healthy relationships. By saying “be interested rather than interesting,” Jeff stressed the importance of being selfless in personal and professional relationships. Jeff urged students to be aware of first impressions by sharing a story about his son, who once bought a ticket to Portland to be in person for what was originally set up to be over

SCSU 2018: Day 4 – Operation Preparation

Students woke up this morning, not to hear the weather, but from former KARE11 meteorologist Jerrid Sebesta who now works for Taatjes Financial Group. He shared his experiences and his financial values. He explained that you can either live a safe life by following the norms or you can live a little on the edge and pursue your dreams. By asking questions such as “what do you want” and “what is your purpose,” Jerrid stressed how important it is for students to know their calling, mission, and purpose because all of these things make up their identity. He then shared these

SCSU 2018: Day 3 – Practice (Interviews) Makes Perfect

Today marked the third day for students at camp. After breakfast and a quick company meeting, the students and staff listened to Michael Keller’s speech on “Your Personal Brand.” Michael Keller is the CEO & President of Pearson Candy Company and former CMO of Dairy Queen, and knows quit a bit about branding. He described six “brand touch points” as the different ways that customers come in contact with a product. He urged the students to remember these different points while marketing for their business plan this week. Michael stressed how important it is to carefully craft the brand of

SCSU 2018: Day Two – We’re Jammin’!

Day two began (as good days do) with an awesome breakfast in Garvey Commons. Tired students and staff came to life as they drank coffee and conversed with those around them. After a quick overview of the day with their companies, students went to hear a shareholder address from entrepreneur Joe Keeley in Ritsche Auditorium. Joe Keeley is the founder and general manager of College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors, based out of Minneapolis. He spoke about entrepreneurship and how his company went from a small business he founded while in college to an international organization, currently serving children and parents

SCSU 2018: Day One – Welcome to Camp!

As the sun rose over St. Cloud State University, the students and staff of Minnesota Business Venture began preparing for the incoming 143 students from all over Minnesota. When students arrived they were greeted by enthusiastic CEOs (returning students) and BestPrep staff.     After checking in students received a name tag, a binder, a camp T-Shirt, and a pre-packaged goody bag. They were sent inside Case-Hill Hall where they were given time to settle into their rooms. Apprehensive but excited, students began to file into Garvey Commons for lunch. Seeing as many students arrived alone, lunch was also a

SJU 2017: Day Five – Let’s Get Down to Business!

There was a warm breeze this morning while getting ready for the last full day of camp! Everyone was busy eating breakfast and rushing back to their company rooms preparing for their big presentation. The pressure has built up and each camper was working hard finishing up any final touches to enhance their product. But that was not the only thing in store for our campers today! The day began with a keynote speaker, Jeff Munneke, the vice president of Fan Experience and BB Academy for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx. Munneke mentioned to the audience about continuing to

SJU 2017: Day Four — Final Countdown

It’s already Wednesday, and we are well into the swing of Minnesota Business Venture. Campers enjoyed their last full day of working on their business plans before presenting them to a panel of judges tomorrow to ask for a loan. The day began with our entrepreneurial shareholder’s address from Tyler Olson, a MBV alum. He gave an inspiring speech about his own experiences with founding ten businesses by the age of thirty. Tyler is currently the CEO of SMCpros and helped to motivate our campers to “stop waiting and start your dream business today.” Tyler’s story encouraged students to be

SJU 2017: Day Three — Tuesday Halfway

We’re halfway into camp and are proud to see our campers engaged in activities and networking with others! While meeting other campers and business professions, campers were later challenged to prepare their professional expertise in a resume. We started the day with a keynote speaker: Nate Dungan. Dungan is the founder and president of a non-profit organization: “Share Save Spend.” Not only was he a fantastic speaker, but he was quite the energizer to keep our audience active! Dungan has written three books and published countless text resources in education. He even handed out five copies of his book to

SJU 2017: Day Two — Getting into the Groove of MBV

Our second day of Minnesota Business Venture is complete! With a full day of activities, company-bonding, and brainstorming, the campers are ready to rest up for what tomorrow will bring. Monday morning kicked off with a great start from Michael Keller, the CEO and President of Pearson’s Candy. Michael discussed the importance of a personal brand and how it can help individuals make a positive impact in the world. Michael challenged us to think about what personal attributes we want associated with our brands and encouraged us to create our own stories. With Michael’s inspiring words in mind, the campers

SJU 2017: Day One – Let’s Begin Camp!

Today at St. John’s University, BestPrep staff, student staff (returning campers), and volunteers put together string bags full of goodies and prepared the student binders, name tags, and dorm room keys. Around 10am, the campers began to arrive at St. Mary Hall with their parents or on a bus. Staff members and volunteers excitedly welcomed the campers and their parents as they received their supplies and bags for the upcoming week. With the smiles on their faces, each camper was looking forward to learning what the MBV experience is like. After checking in, campers visited their dorms, unpacked their belongings, and headed to