A Letter From Our CEO

Writing this message is the hardest thing we have done as an organization. There are no words to adequately address the pain that our community is feeling as a result of George Floyd’s death. We are deeply sorry and believe that this moment needs to be remembered as a pivotal point to correcting centuries of injustice and inequality in this country.

For more than four decades, BestPrep has worked with students to provide access to the possibilities that exist for a successful future. Moving forward, we are more committed than ever to educating and working with our volunteers to ensure that underrepresented students in our community are provided with the skills and tools necessary to achieve their dreams. As a community partner, we know that restoration is going to take collective action. Our staff is committed to learning and listening during this time—and we know that growth will require reflection, hard conversations, and empathy.

To our students: we are here to support and learn from you. As our future and our focus, we will do better to promote equality within our work and community.


Bob Kaitz
BestPrep President & CEO