A Partnership of Volunteerism and Advocacy with North Star Resource Group

North Star Resource Group and others at the Annual Luncheon 2018

For more than a decade, BestPrep has partnered with North Star Resource Group to provide students with experiential learning opportunities to gain skills for future success. The company financially supports BestPrep’s eMentors, Financial Matters, and Minnesota Business Venture (MBV) programs, along with encouraging its employees to volunteer in BestPrep programs. More than 50 North Star Resource Group employees have volunteered for the Classroom Plus, eMentors, Financial Matters, and MBV programs, totaling over 2,400 volunteer hours.

Chase Brakke volunteering in the classroom for the Financial Matters program

BestPrep was delighted to honor North Star Resource Group’s Chase Brakke, National Disability Insurance Consultant, as the Bunzel Volunteer of the Year Award recipient at the 2018 BestPrep Annual Luncheon. He was selected out of 5,000 other volunteers this year. Chase has been an outstanding BestPrep advocate at North Star, participating in five of its programs since 2012. He has also served and been the chair of the Volunteer Engagement and Financial Matters program committees. Upon reflecting on his involvement with BestPrep, Chase shared, “BestPrep gives North Star employees a way to volunteer that works for us and the various types of employees we have. Their flexibility, organization, and tremendous ties within the community make it easy to volunteer our time and know we are making an impact. [This partnership] has been incredibly valuable to us.”
Andy Tate volunteering in the classroom.

Andy Tate volunteering in the classroom

Andy Tate, a Financial Planner at North Star, has also been an advocate for BestPrep programs. He has helped to grow BestPrep’s impact on Minnesota students through securing funding and engaging more volunteers from his company. In fact, he introduced the partnership between BestPrep and North Star Resource Group at the very beginning. Additionally, he has served as an active member of the BestPrep Board of Directors since 2013.

Furthermore, North Star Resource Group has hosted Financial Matters Ambassador meetings, in which approximately 35 financial industry professionals meet to update and improve the program curriculum throughout the year. The company has also been a Gold Sponsor at the BestPrep Educational Forum and a Platinum Sponsor at the Annual Luncheon. Several North Star executives and employees have attended and supported BestPrep events.

BestPrep is grateful for North Star Resource Group’s volunteer and financial support. We look forward to continuing to grow our partnership in the years to come.

North Star Resource Group with Tyus Jones at BestPrep’s Annual Luncheon 2018