Best Buy-BestPrep partnership paves the way for student success

Best Buy and BestPrep students meet at an eMentors Meet and Greet

For more than a decade, Best Buy has partnered with BestPrep to prepare students for the world of work. With a focus on technology careers, Best Buy volunteers have helped students understand the potential of college and career planning.

The company has participated in three of BestPrep’s programs: eMentors, Classroom Plus, and Minnesota Business Venture. In the eMentors program, Best Buy volunteers serve as email mentors and are paired with high school students to give them opportunities to explore career opportunities, network in a professional setting, and receive advice from a caring adult.

A student from Humboldt High School who was paired with a Best Buy volunteer stated, “I learned a lot of things that I know I’m going to need in the future. For example, there is a need for us to work as a team and do a good job in school because it can have a positive effect on our future.”

Best Buy Mentor and Patrick Henry High School student meet for the first time at an eMentors Meet and Greet.

In another eMentors connection, students from Patrick Henry High School were able to tour the Best Buy corporate headquarters and participate in Best Buy’s Geek Squad activities. One volunteer stated, “I take pride in helping someone prepare for their future and get an idea of the world they will face. It was really nice to be a resource and provide help and assistance.”

Best Buy regularly sponsors BestPrep’s biennial Educational Forum event. This year, for the October 7, 2019 event, Best Buy will be a Platinum sponsor, and Hubert Joly, Chairman and CEO of Best Buy, will join us for a lively on-stage dialogue with keynote speaker, Thomas Friedman.

Best Buy has provided leadership on the BestPrep Board of Directors. Currently Carly Charlson, Director of Public Relations, serves on the board and the Special Event Committee.

Hats off to Best Buy for their commitment to educating and preparing Minnesota youth for a better future.