Celebrating Over 40 Years of Partnership with the Donaldson Company

BestPrep is proud to announce that Donaldson Company is this month’s Featured Partner! For more than 40 years, Donaldson Company has been a key partner, providing financial and volunteer support.

The company is passionate about engaging their employees with the community. BestPrep has been fortunate to have hundreds of Donaldson’s employees volunteer including senior level executives.

With a focus on underserved communities, Donaldson has supported BestPrep’s Minnesota Business Venture youth development summer camp program, along with its online mentoring programs, eMentors and Cloud Coach.

Last year, Donaldson employees mentored 45 students from the communities of Owatonna and Eagan. One connection included BestPrep’s eMentors for STEM curriculum, which focuses on creating post-secondary STEM career pathways for high school students. A student from Owatonna High School said of their experience, “I learned how to communicate better, learn more about STEM jobs, and create coping strategies for anxiety and stress. I think the conversations and discussions we had were very beneficial and I think everyone could benefit from a little more mentorship in their life!”

This year, Donaldson is expected to mobilize another 45 employees as volunteers with BestPrep. After serving as a mentor, a Donaldson volunteer shared, “The best aspect of eMentors was discussing topics through a student’s perspective.  Everybody looks at things differently, so it’s beneficial for me to hear what a younger generation thinks about things like diversity, inclusion, resiliency, etc.”

Donaldson continues to help BestPrep further its mission in the communities that it impacts. Their continued commitment to community engagement, equity, and the future of STEM education has been exemplary. We are so grateful to Donaldson Company for their ongoing support of BestPrep and are honored to celebrate more than 40 years of partnership!