Classroom Speaker Request Forms Are Now Available

Online request forms for Classroom Plus and Financial Matters speakers are now available. Teachers can begin requesting volunteer classroom speakers on a variety of topics including job skills, career exploration, and financial literacy. Classroom speakers are business professionals who will work together with educators to bridge the gap between lessons learned in the classroom and skills needed for students’ future lives and careers. These knowledgeable volunteers complement your curriculum by engaging students in experiential learning.

The newest presentation in the Financial Matters series, Income Tax, teaches students about this specific type of tax and how it could affect them. During the presentation, students have the opportunity to practice filling out a W4 and 1040EZ form. To find out more about the presentation topics BestPrep offers, visit the websites for Classroom Plus (career topics) and Financial Matters (financial topics).

Get a head start on the school year by requesting speakers today for the fall and winter. Don’t forget, BestPrep needs your requests at least four weeks in advance. When you’re ready to send in your request, please complete this form for Classroom Plus requests or this form for Financial Matters requests.

We are looking forward to the start of school and another year preparing students with business, career, and financial literacy skills! If you would like more information, please contact Program Manager Julie Anderson.