Minnesota Business Venture 2022 – Empowerment Day SJU

Week two of camp is sadly coming to an end. Day five, Empowerment Day, was sponsored by the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation. A huge thank you to them for being today’s sponsor.

Our first keynote of the day came from Emily Olson and Chad Johnson, from Habitat for Humanity. They spoke about making a difference and how non-profits worked compared to for-profit businesses. It was very interesting and helped us learn more about what Habitat for Humanity really does. Thank you Emily and Chad for coming to speak with us!

We also were able to attend personal health and wellness breakout sessions! A huge thank you to Oie Dobier, Brett Garcynzski, and Heather Rosales. All of the speakers were engaging and very knowledgeable about what they were talking about.

Of course, the main focus of the day was the business plan presentations. Each company asked a panel of investors for a loan, much like “Shark Tank.” Every company got at least some of what they asked for, so congratulations to every single company for doing such an incredible job. Every company has put so much hard work into these presentations, so when the hard work finally pays off, it is so rewarding.

The last activities of the day were Minute-to-Win-It and the dance! Both were very fun. Everybody seemed grateful to have a last fun activity with all of the people they have met this week. Every single staff member is so grateful for the students this week. Everyone was dedicated and kind. We are sad to see the week wrap up, but we are all so proud of what everyone has done.