Minnesota Business Ventures 2022 – Entrepreneur Day SJU

Day three of Minnesota Business Venture has come to an end. Sponsored by Allianz, Entrepreneur Day was a success. Thank you so much to Allianz for being our sponsor!

Our day started with Pastor James Alberts, one of our keynote speakers of the day! He spoke about starting a business, as well as his software engineering career. As he spoke, we could all tell how much passion he has for what he does. We all appreciated how engaging he was. Thank you Pastor Alberts!

After the first keynote, students went to Business Plan Breakout Sessions. In each company, there are three sub-committees (finance, marketing, and operations) and each committee works on a different part of the business plan. Each committee went to the corresponding breakout session. Thank you to our speakers, Amanda Labo, Neil Manthe, and Lisa Manders!

Part of Entrepreneur Day is mock interviews! We had a number of volunteers come in to give students interviewing practice. Every student interviewed for a specific job and will get their feedback forms tomorrow. After overhearing multiple interviews, we were confident that every camper did an incredible job. Good  work!

After mock interviews, students headed back to the auditorium. Rob Goggins came to speak with us for our second keynote. As the President of Great Clips, Rob spoke to us about great leadership. Rob gave advice that the students will use to support them in business plan work.

Of course, companies continued on their business plans. Students have been hard at work, coming up with solutions to problems. Not only that, but some companies are starting to prepare for presentations. Presentations are on Thursday!

As the week continues, we are excited to see students continue to grow. Once again, thank you Allianz for sponsoring Entrepreneur Day! We appreciate our sponsors!