Featured Student: Jackson Thao

Jackson Thao, a sophomore at Golda Meir High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, embarked on a transformative journey with BestPrep’s Minnesota Business Venture program. His narrative mirrors the profound impact of educational initiatives on young minds, resonating deeply with BestPrep’s mission of fostering student success through business and financial literacy programs. 

Reflecting on his experience, Jackson shares, “The first day of camp stands out as a turning point. Meeting my company members for the first time allowed us to connect and build relationships that would shape our entire camp experience.” His words echo the importance of forming meaningful connections, a cornerstone of BestPrep’s approach to student development. 

Participation in the summer business camp expanded Jackson’s skill set, nurturing teamwork, public speaking, and interpersonal connections. “Minnesota Business Venture provided invaluable insights into the multifaceted world of business,” he explains. “It not only broadened my understanding of various industries but also clarified my career aspirations.” 


Jackson extends advice to his peers, encouraging them to seize the opportunities offered by BestPrep. “Leverage the connections provided and actively engage with the program,” he advises. “By immersing yourself fully, you not only enhance your personal growth but also contribute to the collective development of the community.” 

Looking ahead, Jackson aspires to attend an Ivy League university, propelled by the enriching experiences gained through BestPrep’s programs. These initiatives serve as catalysts for his long-term educational and career goals, aligning seamlessly with BestPrep’s commitment to empowering students for success in the world. 

In closing, Jackson extends his gratitude to BestPrep’s supporters, expressing, “To the donors, patrons, volunteers, and educators who have supported BestPrep and made my journey possible, I want to extend a warm thank you for everything that you have done for me and every other student who has participated in these programs created by BestPrep. You make a big difference in furthering the development of the younger generations and gearing them towards success.”