Featured Student: Jonathan Ly

We caught up with Jonathan Ly, 6th grader in Mr. Steve Kraft’s class at Eagle Ridge Middle School, and one of our winning students from the Fall Session of SMG to get a student perspective on playing The Stock Market Game!

What was your favorite part about playing The Stock Market Game (SMG)? 

  • I enjoy learning about the stock market, and I get happy when all my stocks are going up.  It is exciting to win money and get higher in the rank.

How did you decide which stocks and investments you wanted to buy?

  • I thought about what l like to buy when I go shopping…I like to shop for things on Amazon like buying gifts for my family, so then I decided to buy stock in them.

How do you think playing the Stock Market Game (SMG) will help you in the future? 

  • I think it will help me in the future because it will help me make some money. It’s still a lot of work but not too much. In the future I might be a stock broker because It is so fun!

What’s one thing you learned from playing SMG? 

  • To take a lot of risk. When I first started, a lot of our stocks were doing bad and I was losing a lot of money. But then, I started taking risks and I started making a lot of money. I also I learned to work together with my team [and] discuss what stocks to buy.

Why do you think other students should play SMG? 

  • So they can learn how to take risks and learn to work with other people…sometimes people argue a lot so we had to vote on stocks. I am grateful for what I have learned.