Final Reflections on MBV

It’s all over— MBV SCSU 2013 has officially come to an end. The campers are all in their dorms packing up and preparing for the long ride home. The mood on campus one of remembrance and joy, though tinged with sadness. The campers have all become close friends, and they will leave MBV with fond memories of each other and fond memories of all of the wonderful activities MBV provides, such as the team building Corporate Olympics, breakout sessions, keynote speakers, mock interviews, and the business plan. These activities have given the campers a great foundation to build on for success in the business world. As they leave today we know they will always remember these skills, and will hopefully one day become the leaders we always envisioned.

The week has been a roller coaster ride of highs, lows, challenges, and successes. All of the campers have worked extremely hard this week to surmount all of the obstacles put in front of them, and will return home knowing that they have chosen to invest in themselves. There is no way to describe in words how much this investment impacts the lives of those who choose to attend MBV. During the week campers discover hidden leadership and communication skills they never knew they had.  The combination of college life with the wonderful support from the CEOs and Resident Business Leaders is what creates the atmosphere that fosters growth in all of the campers. With this growth comes a maturity and worldliness that is rare to see in young adults. The young adults this week have gone above and beyond anyone’s expectation and have impacted us all in their own unique way. We are all sad to see the week go, but we know that we have made a difference that will always stay with everyone who attended MBV this wonderful week.