Educational Forum 2022 COVID Protocols

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BestPrep’s 2022 Educational Forum will be an in-person event on February 28, 2022 at U.S. Bank Stadium.

In an effort to minimize risk and the spread of COVID-19, BestPrep will require the following precautions. BestPrep is continuing to monitor federal and state guidelines and recommendations and may update our requirements to require proof of booster if eligible.

Read here for BestPrep’s COVID protocol, which includes information regarding U.S. Bank Stadium’s practices and increased efforts to maximize safety. This page will be updated as requirements change.

  • All guests and staff are required to be vaccinated from COVID-19. Upon entry, guests will be asked to show their vaccination card indicating they are fully vaccinated (at least 2 weeks beyond final dose) along with their photo ID. If a guest arrives without proof of vaccination, the guest will be required to leave.
  • Masks will be required as of 1/6/22 due to the indoor mask requirement in Minneapolis.
  • All U.S. Bank Stadium staff will be masked during the entire event.
  • BestPrep and U.S. Bank Stadium will set smooth and clear processes in place when checking vaccination cards at entry/registration area, so lines do not build up.
  • During the dinner program, tables will be spread out.
  • U.S. Bank Stadium encourages social distancing when able.
  • U.S. Bank Stadium offers a clean and safe environment for their guests, clients, and employees through the virus-fighting protection of their bi-polar ionization system, which is installed in every air handling unit (AHU) in the venue. U.S. Bank Stadium regularly monitors airflow and will take reasonable steps to maximize air exchange at events. This state-of-the-art technology actively contributes to better health by restoring indoor air to its natural state through an ionization process. It is said to mitigate or limit airborne viruses and keep the air we breathe in the stadium cleaner and healthier. The system installed at U.S. Bank Stadium has been proven in labs to effectively improve indoor air quality.
  • U.S. Bank Stadium has deployed ASM Global’s VenueShield program, ensuring the facility is clean and certified at the highest standards of health and safety. VenueShield’s environmental hygiene focus specifies protocols for disinfection of surfaces, enhanced cleaning methods and applications, and infection control plans.
  • U.S. Bank Stadium has earned the Ecolab Science CertifiedTM seal. The program combines hospital disinfectants and food-contact sanitizers approved for use against the COVID-19 virus with public health and food safety protocols, training and periodic auditing, giving guests confidence that practices are repeated and checked.
  • U.S. Bank Stadium is a completely cashless venue. Guests must use debit or credit cards for all transactions.