Fall InvestWrite Competition is Open

Are you looking to reinforce the concepts taught in The Stock Market Game™ (SMG) while pushing students to think more critically? Check out InvestWrite, an optional essay component open to all students playing SMG in grades 4-12. By participating in InvestWrite, students connect real-world scenarios to the work they are doing in their SMG portfolios. Students respond to prompts based on grade level. From designing an investment-related smart phone application to becoming a capital market analyst and predicting how securities will perform, students are challenged to think both creatively and critically. All student essays are eligible to be entered into a national competition, where volunteer judges from the financial industry evaluate each essay. Students compete for prizes at both the national and state level; prizes include a trip to New York City, laptop computers, and pizza parties for your classroom. Teachers can use InvestWrite as an in-class assignment, homework, or even for extra credit! InvestWrite is open for fall 2015 submissions, which are due December 18th. More information can be found at www.investwrite.org.

Interested in becoming an InvestWrite Judge?

InvestWrite is looking for volunteers to judge student essays. Volunteer judges are asked to evaluate up to six student essays. Judging takes place entirely online, with no meetings or phone calls! Judges are simply asked to rate student essays based on BestPrep’s pre-determined criteria. If you are interested in participating as a judge for InvestWrite in fall 2015, please contact Greg Orvik at gorvik@bestprep.org, or 763-233-6328.