It’s not what you know, it’s who you know at MBV

Students learned the importance of networking this morning during their speed networking activity. Students from other schools met each other outside the auditorium and talked about different topics. Some discussion points were the best advice they had ever been given, if they had ever held a leadership role, and if they knew anyone who worked in the business field. The students enjoyed expanding their network and meeting people they would have never met if they had not participated in this camp.

After speed networking students headed back into the auditorium to hear a Shareholders Address by Jared Rendell from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Rendell discussed the importance of financial literacy and money management. Students interacted with Rendell throughout his time on stage. He had students decide what items were needs and wants and make a list of things they would do with one million dollars. Many students lined up after Rendell’s speech to ask questions and get financial advice.

After Rendell’s interactive speech, students attended an hour long session about car insurance and driving safety from Allstate agents. Rick Allen and Stan Winnie are two Allstate Insurance agents who conducted the sessions. They told students about the dangers of cell phone use while driving, along with many statistics and facts about distracted driving. Students also learned about car insurance and the importance of why they should get insured. The speakers gave students information on options of insurance and how to be a smart and safe driver throughout the rest of their lives.

After lunch the students will attend sessions on philanthropy and ethics. Hank Shea will tell students about business ethics and the dangers of breaking the law. Several different speakers will teach students about philanthropy and why it is so important to be charitable.

At the end of the night, students will get back into their companies and have one of their last meetings before presenting their business plans to the venture capitalists tomorrow. Companies will have to finalize all product and service details, complete their PowerPoint, and figure out the numbers to balance their finance sheets.

Students will be looking forward to presenting their business plan tomorrow after lunch. Companies will have a final meeting tomorrow morning before their presentations. Hopefully the students will get a good night’s rest after hanging out with friends at recreation time tonight so they can be ready for the big day tomorrow!