Kaitz’s Corner: Motivation and persistence are key to student success

A message from Bob Kaitz, BestPrep CEO & President:

A few months ago, Kent Pekel, President and CEO of Search Institute®, presented to the BestPrep Board of Directors.  For more than 30 years, Search Institute® has been a leader and partner for organizations around the world in discovering what kids need to succeed. Dr. Pekel indicated that research consistently shows that motivation and persistence are the keys to student achievement and success.

As BestPrep concludes another school year, it is clear to me that our programs emphasize the importance of motivation and persistence. Classroom Plus, both through its speakers, mock interviews and Career Days, helps students understand the importance of overcoming challenges and not letting roadblocks impede a successful outcome. Financial Matters, emphasizing the importance of managing your money wisely, gives one the confidence needed to become financially capable. The one-on-one connections made through eMentors often teach students that everyone has overcome challenges in their life and to not let detours impact your direction. The Stock Market GameTM is a great example of working within a team atmosphere to make group decisions leading to successful outcomes. Our summer program for students, Minnesota Business Venture, provides one challenge after another, as students develop a business plan by participating with their team. Students also learn from a variety of corporate and community volunteers the importance of having a vision and letting nothing stand in your way. Finally, through our Technology Integration Workshop, teachers are paired with a business partner to learn firsthand about the careers being demanded and the social skills required to be successful.

At the end of the day, our students benefit from business role models who have experienced failure and rejection only to be stronger and more successful because of it. The messages students hear and the experiences they face through all of BestPrep’s programs, gives them the  opportunity to learn for themselves that motivation and persistence are the key to success in education, work and life.