Mask Up for Students – Get Them Back to the Classroom

BestPrep staff wearing masks

Last week, an article appeared in the Star Tribune that caught our eye. Students from Fairmont High School decided to take matters into their own hands to combat COVID-19. Thirty students produced an upbeat video aimed at “persuading mask resistant neighbors to cover their faces to not only slow the spread of the virus but to help get kids back to the classrooms, ball fields and tennis courts.” Deb Foster, Mayor of Fairmont said, “We need to listen very carefully, because young people are doing it in the right way. By wearing a mask, you’re not making a political statement. You’re simply doing what the young people are asking us to do so they can go back to school.”

BestPrep is starting a campaign: “Mask Up for Students – Get Them Back to the Classroom.” We have seen the challenges Minnesota students and teachers face with distance learning and while it’s currently our best alternative, nothing takes the place of students being in the classroom. The fastest way to make this happen is to wear a mask, social distance, refrain from gathering in large groups, and wash your hands. If we could all commit to this for the remainder of 2020, we would see a dramatic reduction in COVID-19 cases. Please join our effort to mask up for students and help them get back to the classroom.