MBV 2019 St. Thomas Day 2: Career Day

Energy and excitement filled the cafeteria as students lined up to get breakfast on the first full day of MBV. As the room lit up with life and laughs, the students were getting prepared for the fun-filled day. After breakfast and a quick overview of the day with their companies, the students learned about the importance of developing a personal brand from Michael Keller, former CEO of Pearson’s Candy Company. Keller encouraged students to take control of their lives and future opportunities.

With his inspiring words in mind, the students headed to Camp Jam. The students had 50 minutes to complete various activities, ranging from juggling to escaping a human knot. The company that completed the most activities in the quickest amount of time won the game. At the end, the staff surprised the students with a 100-meter dash race, and student Roosevelt Cage from Company E won! Company A won Camp Jam and received a fun prize!

Next, the students attended a Career Expo and a St. Thomas Campus Tour. The companies at the Career Expo included 3M, Boston Scientific, Ecolab, Radisson Hotel Group, Shapco Printing, Thomson Reuters, and UnitedHealth Group, and Wells Fargo. During the Career Expo, students had the opportunity to ask questions about careers and interact with products from each company. The St. Thomas Campus Tour allowed students to learn more about the campus, the culture, and what the university offers.

After the tour and the expo, students attended Career Skills breakout sessions that helped them gain useful skills to help build their career. For example, students learned about public speaking, interviews, resumes, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, and qualities that jobs look for.

After a long day of working hard, students and staff members came together for a picnic dinner. As dinner came to an end, every student, CEO, RBL, and MBV staff member gathered for a group picture. The energy and excitement that everyone brought can only be described as a happy chaos. Finally, after the photo was taken, the students had one last company meeting before calling it a night.

The second day of camp was a success! Even though the temperature was high, the positivity from the students was higher. The day was filled with laughter, enthusiasm, and adventure! Students learned that it is important to start carving a path for their career. In addition to this, they learned important life lessons that can not be taught in a textbook.