From MBV student to BestPrep board member: an interview with Jessie Welton

jessie welton headshot

Our interns spoke to Jessie Welton: Minnesota Business Venture (MBV) alum, BestPrep board member, and Evaluation Specialist at Minneapolis Public Schools. Jessie discussed how her experience at MBV helped her succeed in her career and on the board.

Jessie attended MBV as a student in 2007, a CEO Student Leader in 2008, and an office assistant at camp the year following. As a student at MBV, Jessie was introduced to unique opportunities, including collaborating with a diverse group of students, gaining leadership skills, and managing a project timeline. She stayed connected with MBV as she transitioned into her career and returned to MBV several times as a volunteer mock-interviewer, business plan judge, and a Resident Business Leader (RBL), during which she managed and guided a group of students throughout the week of MBV. Jessie shared that even though she was a volunteer in these position, she still learned and improved her skills including public speaking, giving feedback, and encouraging others.

jessie welton at mbv in 2007, students posing at camera

Jessie shared, “MBV helped pave the way for my life after high school. It gave me the confidence and skills to apply for internships, jobs, and networking opportunities which ultimately led me to where I am today!”

As a business major at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Jessie joined the business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, where she expanded what she learned at MBV and applied that knowledge to the real world. During her time in college, she also interned at the Federal Reserve of Minneapolis for two summers, where she worked as a Business Analyst and Project Coordinator.

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Economics, Jessie returned to the Federal Reserve and worked in operations, communications, and project management. During that time, she also earned her master’s degree in Public Policy at the University of St. Thomas.

Jessie’s experience volunteering with MBV, working full-time, and continuing her education motivated her to combine her interests in financial literacy, economics, and education policy. Her passions have recently landed her at Minneapolis Public Schools as an Evaluation Specialist, where she assists with qualitative research and Federal funding compliance.

Jessie was excited to join the BestPrep Board of Directors in 2018 and bring a unique perspective to the group as an MBV alumna, BestPrep volunteer, and young professional. She joined BestPrep’s Board in 2018. “There’s a reason MBV has been around for decades!” Jessie exclaimed. She truly believes BestPrep’s mission to prepare students with business, career and financial literacy skills is essential for all students because she experienced it herself. Jessie hopes her position on the board can help bring BestPrep to more communities and expand financial education in Minnesota.