SCSU 2015: Students Arrive

The students have arrived at St. Cloud’s MBV Session!

The student staff had an amazing opportunity to return back to the MBV camp as leaders for the upcoming student campers. The student staff were all very excited for the campers to arrive. While everyone got together and set up the registration and check in tables, the campers were on the buses heading our way. Student staff welcomed all the campers with smiling faces and “the wave.” Many of these shy, timid faces, had broke out into smiles that had grinned from ear to ear. After that, they had extremely positive vibes and seemed a lot more relaxed with each high five we gave.

After everyone got settled in the dorms, they got their first taste of the dining hall. Then we all headed to the opening session at Atwood Center where Daniel Shannon kicked everything off! When the wonderful speaker was done, the campers got into their first company meetings. Once the companies had finished their ice breakers and created their slogans we all went back to Atwood to listen to the keynote address from Anton Vincent, who spoke about this awesome marketing tips. When dinner was over we started JUNK NIGHT in Centennial Hall where everyone picked out there junk and brain stormed what product they could create with it. After an hour of planning, each company had met in the Atwood Center. Each company created a skit with their imaginary product and were judged based upon the overall product and presentation. The company that had won was Company K! Congrats Company K! After Junk Night had ended, there was a huge thunderstorm.. We all still made the best of it!

Well, that wraps it up for day one of camp! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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