MBV Blog: Business Plan Presentations


It’s the last day of Minnesota Business Venture and the nerves are no more. Each individual company successfully presented their business plan in front of a panel of judges. The students improved their career skills for the future and now instill the confidence they never realized they had. In the beginning, students started out shy and scared of stepping into a different roles, yet MBV brought them together as one big team.


They were also able to hear from Joe Keeley, the founder of College Nannies and Tutors, to teach them about being their own entrepreneur through small steps, even while in school. Joe’s message is that the simplest ideas can quickly turn into a wonderful career. He started out as a broke college student searching for a quick buck, which later developed into a national business of guidance nannies. Joe showed us that a simple idea can later become more than anything we can possibly imagine.



Students also heard from Financial Planners through a presentation entitled “How to Pay for my Lifestyle”. Following presentations, Digit Murphey gave a motivational speech to us that everyone enjoyed. Tonight, the students will gather for Minute to Win It and dance the night away when the DJ comes. All in all, a great final day at camp!