Minnesota Business Venture Week 1 2024 – Career Day

Today was our first full day of Minnesota Business Venture! The theme for today was “Career Day” and students had the opportunity to explore various careers. We are lucky to make “Career Day” at the Minnesota Business Venture possible through our sponsor of the day, Arby’s Foundation and Arby’s Restaurant Group! We are so thankful for all their help today and throughout the years.

After our students finished up their company meetings this morning, they started getting ready for one of our MBV traditions: “Camp Jam!” Camp Jam is filled with fun team building activities that help our students develop teamwork skills, communication skills and problem-solving abilities! The goal of Camp Jam is to finish these challenges the fastest and induce a competitive drive in our students for the rest of the camp!

After Camp Jam, our students went to a keynote, spoken by the CEO and President of Winnebago Industries, Mike Happe! During the presentation, Mike emphasized the importance of having both strategy and execution in your brand, while creating a positive culture to develop your brand.

Once the keynote ended, the next activity was heading into our educational breakout sessions and our Career Expo. In the Career Expo, the students were able to listen to professionals in the fields of the financial industry, environmental industry, emergency services industry, and credit unions. Additionally, they explored the automobile industry.

Thank you to volunteers from both the Career Expo and our breakout sessions!