Minnesota Students Bring Home National Awards

Three Ridgeview Elementary students received their InvestWrite awards at a celebration on June 5th

This spring, students across the country participating in The Stock Market Game were eligible to take part in InvestWrite, a nationwide essay competition for students in grades four through twelve. Four students placed in the top ten nationally in their respective grade levels. Three students from Tim Kaari’s class at Ridgeview Elementary School placed 1st, 2nd, and 5th at the elementary school level, and one student in Julie Johnson’s class at Minnehaha Academy placed 6th at the high school level.

More than 9,600 essays were submitted nationwide for the competition. At the elementary level alone, more than 3,000 essays were written. In their essays, students were asked to explain the importance of diversifying investments to ensure a strong portfolio. Students could use direct references to the investments they made in The Stock Market Game, and online investment simulation where students manage a portfolio of $100,000. In the simulation, students can buy and sell stock, bonds, and mutual funds as often as they like. BestPrep is the Minnesota provider of The Stock Market Game, engaging more than 16,000 Minnesota students each year.

A celebration was held at Ridgeview Elementary on Monday, June 5th, where a gathering of students, teachers, administrators, and parents joined to help celebrate the students’ accomplishments. Winning students received trophies, medals, plaques, gift cards, and new laptop computers. Winning teachers receive a stipend for professional development.