National Entrepreneurship Day – Celebrating Bella Lam

Bella Lam photo

November 16, 2021 is National Entrepreneurship Day, and BestPrep is celebrating by highlighting young entrepreneur and former Minnesota Business Venture student, Bella Lam! Bella is the Founder and CEO of Coconut Whisk, a vegan and gluten-free food brand and café. Read below for an interview with Bella on the value of starting your own business.

Q. Why celebrate National Entrepreneurship Day?
A. The spirit of entrepreneurship is worthy of celebration for many reasons. Even if you don’t think you’re an entrepreneur, it’s important to adopt a “boss” mindset because it highlights problem-solving skills, resilience, innovation, and personal growth.

Q. Why do you love being an entrepreneur?
A. My favorite part about being an entrepreneur is the freedom I have in my life and business. It’s a big responsibility, but it challenges me to always learn, implement, and stay agile. Lastly, providing products and services that I’ve created from my own imagination and heart to help customers is so fulfilling.

Q. What advice do you have to young people who want to own their own business one day?
A. Stay curious, identify your values, set a vision for yourself, and take action. Invest in your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual development. Once you set that foundation for yourself, you make it easier to find a path that really resonates with your soul.

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