MBV Blog: Preparing Future Entrepreneurs


It was another great day here at Minnesota Business Venture. Students arrived at breakfast all dressed up for today’s mock interviews. The first Shareholders Address was from Michael Keller, CEO of Pearson’s Candy Company. One of the most important takeaways was that students work on defining their personal brand, including their digital presence, work experience, non-verbal communication and references.

IMG_8380 (2)

Keeping in mind first impressions, students showed off their personal style and optimism as they waited to meet their interviewer. Waiting in line, you could feel the excitement and nervousness in the air knowing it may be student’s first career interview. It was impressive watching the students at MBV engage during their interviews. From what I observed, the students were very pleased with themselves and their learned abilities to apply in the future. They all agreed that the interview was a great experience because improvement is always possible.  Common feedback among judges was eye contact and confidence. A firm handshake is also the best way to be remembered by those who interviewed you.


The afternoon Shareholders Address was from Jared Rendell of Thrivent Financial. Students discussed their definition of financial success and learned about how they can attain good financial habits starting today. Companies then split into their respective breakout sessions; marketing, finance or operations. Companies also spent the remainder of the day in their company meetings, with a break for picnic dinner outside.