SCSU 2016: Second Day Success

Day two has officially come to a close after another fun day for the campers! The day started off with breakfast with all the campers at Garvey Commons followed by a student Company meeting. The real kickoff was when Jeff Munneke of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx gave his opening presentation. Jeff stressed to campers that communication and networking is key, and that open-ended questions are imperative in creating good relationships.


Following his presentation, numerous students approached Jeff to ask questions and chat. One camper noted that connecting with Jeff helped solidify her career ambitions in Sales and Sports Management.

Students then made their way to the Corporate Olympics, where companies competed against each other in multiple team-building activities. Throughout the games, the companies grew with each other and learned how to communicate to get the tasks done.


At the break out sessions, the campers learned about different soft skills that are utilized in the business world. There were five different sessions that the students could chose: presentation skills, interviewing skills, time management, communication styles, and emotional intelligence.


St. Cloud State University also puts together an Entrepreneurship Panel for campers. This time allows the students to ask questions to business owners and learn more about how they started their own business. After the campers had their chance to ask about the entrepreneur’s businesses, we had an ice cream social. The students had a chance to eat ice cream and talk to each other before dinner.


The campers are already growing closer and working harder to decide what their products will be for the week!!

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