SCSU 2016: Third Day Thriving

Day three is coming to a close and the students are getting closer to completing their company products. Besides having various company meetings throughout the day, campers also attended different speakers and break out sessions. Our first speaker was Micheal Keller of Pearson’s Candy Company. Mr. Keller spoke to the campers not only about how they brand and market their products, but also how the students should market and brand themselves. The CEO of Company H, Chila Suedel, spoke passionately about Micheal Keller and his presentation. Chila spoke to us about how Micheal Keller kept the students involved in his presentation and even gave her advice on public speaking.

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Afterwards, students broke into three different groups based on what their role is in their company. Each company consists of three groups; marketing, finance, and operations. At the each breakout session, the students got to learn more about their role in the company and how all the rolls interact with each other. Through the presentations, the students then had a clearer insight of what they need to do to help their product succeed.

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Today we also held mock interviews for the students. Thanks to all the amazing business volunteers who gave their time, all the campers got to practice their interview skills today. Each student filled out resume, then awaited anxiously for their turn to be interviewed. After they were done, you could see the excitement and relief they had completed their interview!

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Following interviews, we had Peter Allen speak to the campers. Peter Allen started his own diaper delivery service for the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. He offered advice to the students on how to start a business and gave insight on how he was able to successfully start a business.

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Tonight we also had a special picnic dinner! All the students and staff members got to eat outside before attending another company meeting and then rec time! With the third day coming for a close, the students are preparing more for their presentation at the end of the week!!

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