SCSU 2016: First Day Wonders

The student campers arrived today, greeted by the smiling BestPrep staff and student staff.  Students made their way to the dorms where they will be staying for the week at camp. The day really kicked off when Daniel Shannon gave the opening presentation, “Vision Speaks Louder than Words”. Students actively listened as Daniel talked about his childhood and how he achieved his own success. Parents were also able to attend Daniel’s presentation, but soon had to say goodbye to let their kids become leaders on their own throughout the week.

At the end of the speech, Amanda Labo, Program Manager, directed students to their Resident Business Leaders and CEO student leaders. CEO’s and RBL’s then took their students to their rooms and played ice breakers to get to know each other. Our next speaker, Amanda “Cash” Cashman, talked about the service organization and student camp she works for called Students Today Leaders Forever. She got the students out of their chairs by engaging them in a game designed for the students to meet each other and let others know their thoughts on certain issues.

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The day ended with Junk Night. Junk Night is a game were you pick random “junk” like spoons or a rag and each company creates a product infomercial that uses the junk they picked. Each company presents their infomercial in front of the whole camp! The RBL’s judge each infomercial, giving them a score on how well they think the campers did based on creativity and collaboration. This year not two, but three companies tied. So of course, MBV had a dance-off, which was the highlight of the night. The best part of the day was getting to see all the students come together and break out of their shells to work together!

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